Initial Consultation

At the Miami Herbalist, we provide quality service for your health and healing needs. Before the actual process of acupuncture, treatments begin with Initial Consultation. This is where we gather about your past history and symptoms together so we can find the best treatment for your needs as well as explaining how each step of the process guides us through self-healing.

General Process:


Primary questions about your health and what you’re feeling.


Your pulse will be taken from 9 different positions.


Consultation about initial findings.


You will be given herbal prescriptions.


Administering of treatment.

It is important to remember that acupuncture therapy with herbal treatments is not an instant fix. It usually takes weeks to perfect the right regimen and mindset to achieve what you are looking for. Chinese herbal medicine focuses more on assisting the body in strengthening itself through time so it can heal itself not only during the treatment but also after to avoid issues from coming back.

It could take a few tweaks before the perfect formula is achieved or until we have removed all signs and symptoms of disease from your body. For any further questions, do not hesitate to talk to us and we’ll be with you shortly to address your concerns.

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Miami Acupuncture & Classical Herbs is ready to provide you the best acupuncture Miami has to offer! Contact us to know more and we will begin our consultation shortly.


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