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Carolyn’s Humble Beginnings

Miami Acupuncture and Classic Herbs is headed and owned by Carolyn Cook since 1994, a doctor of Chinese medicine, acupuncture physician and a licensed massage therapist. She has been in private practice for more than 20 years in Miami and your go-to massage therapist.

Dr. Carolyn Cook

What to Expect?

Making an appointment at classical herbs is not just about coming in and getting some needles placed. It is about taking time to see what is going on with your body and how we can improve your quality of health. When you come in for your first appointment it is important that we get a good history of your major issues and complaints. Then address any other needs you may have.

Miami Acupuncture Additional Education

Yaron Seidman, who has a very successful infertility practice in Connecticut, introduced Carolyn to the concept of classical Chinese medicine; a philosophy which differs from traditional Chinese medicine. She was also fortunate to study with Yaron’s teacher, Liu Lihong from Guangxi who is a known expert in the classical Chinese medical system of Shang Han Lun. Carolyn credits Dr. Lihong with inspiring and fueling her desire to help people using this ancient knowledge.

Another major source of inspiration has been Dr. Arnaud Versluys with whom she has been studying with since 2008. Dr. Versluys moved to China after graduating high school in Belgium. He studied there for 12 years with some of the greatest classical Chinese physicians. He decided to come to the United States not only to practice but also to share his knowledge with others.

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Miami Acupuncture & Classical Herbs is ready to provide you the best acupuncture Miami has to offer! Contact us to know more and we will begin our consultation shortly.


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